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Arena Animation Prime

Top Animation studios like Pixar, Disney, Dreamworks ..are now producing quality content on enormous scale and the demand for animated content and animators is only increasing ! The animation industry is now looking for talented minds that are capable of taking the industry’s legacy forward.

Arena Animation VFX

When Reality meets and blends with imagination, VFX begins.The demand for VFX has been relentlessly with the production of movies and shows set in fantasy world with imaginary creatures like dragons, magical realms, galaxies and many more.VFX helps transform the ordinary into something extraordinary.

Arena Animation Web

The internet has become a global phenomeon.With the number of internet users rising companies across the world and across the industries are now going digital way.This has led to the creation of huge number of career opportunities in this segment.This has, in return, translated into a huge opportunities in this segment..

Arena Broadcast Prime

Indian television industry boasts of more than 800 channels offers wide array of content.With the rise of digital channels there is huge demand in channel packaging content.This course trains students to create engaging motion visuals by merging best of graphic, animation, live footage, music, sound, electronics, interactive and unconventional media tools.

Arena Animation DADM

The internet & all of its evolving technologies have touched almost every person in his daily life.People are spending more time online,whether it is to learn, to communicate with some, or just for entertainment. The increase in content has led to an increasing demand for digital content creators & designers who can also work on digital marketing & promotion.

Arena Animation DAID

The digital phenomena has spread to different fields & has become the go-to medium today every business has undergone huge change due to it.The use of relevant softwares in design part for Architects,Interior & Product Designers has become integral part.The innovations brought some major changes to the overall design world, in terms of colours,fonts, imagery etc.