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Arena VFX Prime

With the growth of video content in Movies, TV Serials, channels, Internet the VFX industry is undergoing a huge change and demand for trained VFX professionals is increasing day by day.

Arena Animation Prime VFX, is designed to train professionals for this ever growing field of Animation & VFX.

Course Modules

Here is the brief learning outcomes of different modules in Animation Prime VFX :

Graphics Design

Module 1

  • Understand Concepts Of Design, Composition & Visualization
  • Describe Importance Of Various Illustrations To Be Used For Print Media
  • The basics & Techniques Of Cinematography & Photography
  • Explain The Evolution And Importance Of Animation
  • Discuss The Various Storytelling Techniques And The Basics Of Scriptwriting
  • Describe Importance Of Anatomy In Animation
  • Construct Poses In Different Action
  • Use Image Editing Tools And Retouch Images
  • Understand Sound & Video Editing
  • Create Storyboards And Animatics
  • Describe The Principles Of Animation And Apply The Same.

3D & VFX

Module 2

  • Prepare 3d Models Using Various Modeling Tools
  • Create And Edit Textures Which Are The Most Vital Contributing Factors To
  • The Aesthetics Of The Animation.
  • Create Dramatic Studio Lighting Using The Various Lighting Techniques In Maya.
  • Apply Rigging On Various Models..
  • Create Walk Cycle.
  • Create Crowd Simulation Using Golaem.
  • Use Arnold Renderer For Rendering.

Film Making

Module 3

  • Visualize Complex Scenes Before Filming
  • Compositing Techniques On Videos
  • Understand Wire Removal And Roto-Paint Techniques
  • Apply Color Correction Techniques To Match The Vfx Output
  • Apply Keying On Green Screen Footages
  • Apply Camera Tracking On Footages For Vfx Scenes
  • Describe The Various Compositing Techniques On Matte Painting
  • Explain The Concept Of Framing And 3D Placement Of Matte Painted
  • Layers To Create Depth In A Scene Explain Matchmoving Techniques



Employment Driven

  • EDE(Employment Driven Education)
  • Creosouls Exclusive online platform to showcase student portfolio
  • Online Varsity, the power to learn in the classroom goes beyond infinity with the online varsity learning portal.The exclusive learning portal, with 24 X 7 access from anywhere.Its offers, courseware, interactive tools, valuable resources, expert advice and auidance to sharpen student's skills beyond the classroom.
  • A comprehensive Job Oriented program.


  • Laddered learning from basic to advance level.
  • Bring your characters to life through extensive training in 2D animation, 3D Animation.
  • Latest Curriculum


  • Regular projects
  • Specialization in an area of your choice & a professional work portfolio.
  • Industry interaction & workshops.


  1. 100% Job Placement Assistance#
  2. Career seminars
  3. Industry interaction
  4. Creative workshops
  5. Explore job opportunities in hundreds of companies around the world.

  • Animated Films
  • Live-Action Films
  • Advertising
  • Television & Media
  • Design
  • Print & Publishing Houses
  • Graphic Design Studios
  • Multimedia Production Houses

  • Illustrator
  • Graphic Artist
  • Layout Designer
  • Audio Editor
  • Video Editor
  • Compositor
  • Visual Effects Artist
  • Digital Artist
  • Post Production Specialist
  • Visualiser