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Arena Animation Prime

Arena Animation Prime

Animation is not just making cartoons it is also creation of animation which can be used in real life situations. Animation in Entertainment, Education, Medical, Fashion, Architecture so on there is no field which is untouched by Animation.

Just as you cannot become artist just by learning how to hold a paintbrush, you cannot become an Animator just by learning how to use a software.In order to be successful, in the animation industry, you have to understand the entire process of animation from the inital concept to the big screen. This Course gives you grounding in all the fundamentals and techniques of Animation - 2D and 3D, design , Visualization in all a curriculum that covers all aspects of animation !!

Course Modules

Here is the brief learning outcomes of different modules in Animation Prime:

Graphics Design

Module 1

Understand Concepts Of Design,Composition & Visualization

Describe Importance Of Various Illustrations To Be Used For Print Media

Understanding The Fundamentals & Techniques Of Cinematography And Photography

Explain The Evolution And Importance Of Animation

Discuss The Various Storytelling Techniques And The Basics Of Scriptwriting

Describe Importance Of Anatomy In Animation

Construct Poses In Different Action

Use Image Editing Tools And Retouch Images

Understand Sound & Video Editing

Create Storyboards And Animatics

Describe The Principles Of Animation And Apply The Same.

3D & VFX

Module 2

Demonstrate Knowledge Of Claymation For Creating Animations.

Explain The Different Techniques And Principles Of Stop Motion Animation.

Understand The Basics Of 3D.

Apply Principles Of 3D Modeling,Texturing, Lighting And Animation While Creating

Motion Graphics.

Understand The Use Of Dynamic 3D Camera Movement.

Apply Various Shaders, Materials,And Textures On 3D Models.

Use Different Modifiers And Tools To Create Stunning Motion Graphics In Max.

Render Different Passes In VRay.

Create Digital Motion Graphics And Composite Images.

Movie Making

Module 3

Understand The Basics Of 3D.

Prepare 3d Models Using Various Modeling Tools.

Create And Edit Textures Which Are The Most Vital Contributing Factors

To The Aesthetics Of The Animation.

Create Dramatic Studio Lighting Using The Various Lighting Techniques In May.

Apply Rigging On Various Models.

Create Walk Cycle.

Create Crowd Simulation Using Golaem.

Use Arnold Renderer For Rendering.

Create A Digital Portfolio With The Area Of Specialization.



Employment Driven

  • EDE(Employment Driven Education)
  • Creosouls Exclusive online platform to showcase student portfolio
  • Online Varsity, the power to learn in the classroom goes beyond infinity with the online varsity learning portal.The exclusive learning portal, with 24 X 7 access from anywhere.Its offers, courseware, interactive tools, valuable resources, expert advice and auidance to sharpen student's skills beyond the classroom.
  • A comprehensive Job Oriented program.


  • Laddered learning from basic to advance level.
  • Bring your characters to life through extensive training in 2D animation, 3D Animation.
  • Latest Curriculum


  • Regular projects
  • Specialization in an area of your choice & a professional work portfolio.
  • Industry interaction & workshops.


  1. 100% Job Placement Assistance#
  2. Career seminars
  3. Industry interaction
  4. Creative workshops
  5. Explore job opportunities in hundreds of companies around the world.

  • Animated Films
  • Live-Action Films
  • Advertising
  • Television & Media
  • Architecture Design
  • Print & Publishing Houses
  • E-Learning Companies
  • Graphic Design Studios
  • Multimedia Production Houses

  • 3d Modeler
  • Rigger
  • Editor
  • Compositor
  • Visual Effects Artist
  • Digital Artist
  • Texture Artist
  • Lighting Specialist
  • Rendering Artist
  • Script Writer
  • Flash Animator
  • Graphic Designer
  • Page Layout Artist
  • Web Animator
  • Content Artist
  • Image Editor
  • Visualiser